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Cai Ji Rui was elected as the vice host, and in 1950, there was a committee board established for Nan Tian temple. Gong donated a field to become the first post, after the appeal of the vice host Cai Ji Rui, and the hard work of the people in the temple, in 1950, the temple was constructed officially. In May, 13th, by following the Chinese custom to hold a ceremony for settling the graven image of Guan Yu, the main hall of the temple was completed and the temple eventually constructed the eastern hall, western hall, and mountain hall.

Because of the laborious efforts of vice host Cai Ji Rui, the solemn and sublime manner of Nan Tian temple has been finished.

Since people began to hear about Guan Yu, he has been widely recognized for his loyalty and honesty to his country in ancient China.

He protected the people during the Han dynasty, and his great achievements have been passed on for thousands of years in Chinese ancient time. Guan Yu has been worshipped for his loyalty and patriotism to his country.

The holiness and solemnness of the temple had made the incenses become more and ore prominent.

In 1986, Cai Rong Quan took over the position of the third post.

There are many numbers of people coming to worship Guan Yu.

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Woo Guang Xiong took over the fourth position of committee.

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