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If it wasn't for The Law of Attraction I truly have no idea where I would be today.There are no boundaries while practicing The Law of Attraction.You can't expect a positive life if you're only allowing your mind to be negative.I hope that this sparks something within you to make a positive change.

I felt that in order to attract an amazing girl (or friends) in my life I would have to overcome shyness, make new friends easily and become the best version of myself possible. Working at a bar was in perfect alignment with my intentions to make more friends. It was just a few months before that I decided what group of friends I wanted to be a part of and now found myself in that exact group of friends. I realized the importance of having close friends you can depend on rather than having hundreds of acquaintances or bring popular.As I was dialing in my mindset and health I knew the next step was my relationships. I have a strange sense of humor and I felt awkward.I didn’t even like calling the pizza man to order a pizza for fear he would judge me if I messed up what I wanted. My life seemed to unfold with so much beautiful synchronicity.One of my favorite things in Milwaukee was a running trail next to the Milwaukee River. Fancy that, the house my roommate found was right next to a river in Denver with a similar running trail.Of course it was…I was listening to Abraham Hicks pretty much every day at this point. I wanted a Jeep I could take on the trails of Moab and 4 months later I had one! We went back a couple months later and Ix Chell told us it was a boy.

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This is when I started seeing strange things happen. Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction helped me realize that to get what you wanted later you had to have the feeling of it NOW.

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