Abusive intimidating

If you have, those posts have been deleted and the users have been banned.Mentioning or supporting 3rd party usage is qualifications for a ban in the To S.Posting content that seeks to interfere with the running of FINAL FANTASY XI.Posting content that criticises either Square Enix staff or specific individuals.

Taking any other actions that are deemed inappropriate by Square Enix in our sole discretion. This is the feedback section of the forums, specifically asking why abusive behaviour has not been dealt with correctly.I find it very upsetting that that kind of behaviour is not dealt with, and yet I mentioned the word "windower" once and got suspended.Since my incident, I have stopped discussing it, and learned my lesson, but still continually see the same few players being extremely abusive and in some cases threatening towards myself and others.Posting spam, including meaningless characters and white space. Posting about commercial, business, advertising, political, or religious matters.Posting that would violate anti-stalking laws or orders.

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