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A woman in a bikini rests her arm on a naked male mannequin wrapped in neon tubing.ORGY and BONDAGE placards directing patrons to the appropriate viewing stations have the dull municipal look of restroom signs.In one especially opulent room, I can make out, through the velvet and chiffon curtains, a set of Venetian blinds pulled down over the window.If the women in that room were to peek through those blinds, what would they see?, Bill Butterworth was working as a “photo man,” taking portraits of people in Times Square and selling them the prints.The people who appear in Butterworth’s snapshot-style color photos are not the middle-class white tourists who frequented the neighborhood’s strip clubs and peep shows, but “regulars”: black and brown teenagers hanging out, shopkeepers, sex workers.

As opposed to the predominantly white and middle-class Greenwich Village gay scene that prized steely eyed, square jawed masculinity, ballroom culture rewarded black and brown queens from the inner city and the outer boroughs who imitated and reworked mainstream culture as they “walked” in drag competitions. Many of the drag queens worked the corners or the peep shows of 42nd Street.It’s odd to look at someone’s clothing and imagine it not so much as a reflection of her own style but as her interpretation of how sex should be packaged, like an echo of the peep show storefront.As a child scanning the world for secret, adult things, I knew the most common and straightforward sign for sex was a picture of a sexy woman, a babe with voluminous Aqua Netted hair, wearing garter belts and glaring hungrily from a yellowing poster or the plastic cover of a rental videotape.Sally’s Hideaway, the famous club that housed the annual “Paris is Burning” ball, was located at the heart of Times Square.Venus, a transgender teen saving up money for her sex change, was a femme realness queen; she won trophies at drag balls for being able to blend in as a glamorous straight girl.

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