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A photograph showed locals eating hot dogs at the Humble Baptist Church. we’ll try and forget they’ve infiltrated our town with their set of moral standards.” Swingers clubs are legal in Texas as long as no one is soliciting or paying for sex, and until Edwards’s column, the Retreat had been something of an open secret.“They braved the heat to enjoy music and good old-fashioned neighborly conversation,” read the caption. Above the Community Calendar and next to the letters to the editor, they came to a story titled “Sex in the City,” in which regular columnist Gary Edwards revealed that a club for “swingers and swappers” was operating in town. There were twelve rooms, two hot tubs, a karaoke machine, a stereo, a big-screen TV, a sex swing—and a lot of beds. It was located next door to the offices, in the former Mineola General Hospital, and its membership included locals as well as people from Tyler, Dallas, and Louisiana.But things were about to get a lot more complicated.Up in Wood County, a grand jury had launched its own investigation, prompted in part by local citizens demanding to know how an organized child sex ring could have run undetected for so long in little Mineola.“It’s a lifestyle is all it is.” Not, however, a lifestyle shared by the majority of the citizens of Mineola, a quiet town that’s home to 5,600 souls and a large number of antiques stores and Baptist churches.Edwards’s column about the swingers inspired more reader response than anything he’d ever written, and by early September, the party house was shuttered. Then, on June 22, 2005, a woman named Margie Cantrell, who had moved to Mineola from California the previous year, showed up at the police station with a shocking story about the Retreat.And as the district attorney, Jim Wheeler, looked into the Smith County case, he began to have doubts.To begin with, Wheeler found out that back in 2005 two of John Cantrell’s former foster daughters, Sally and Chandra (not their real names), had accused him of sexually molesting them in California many years before.

Pittman and Mayo were each convicted in only four minutes, about the time it takes twelve citizens to stand up and raise their right hands in anger, and both were sentenced to life in prison.Investigators followed the case for a year and a half.Once again, no physical evidence or adult witnesses were discovered, but in July 2007, arrest warrants were issued for six people, including Mayo, Pittman, Sones, and Booger Red, a red-haired body shop sandblaster whose real name, Patrick Kelly, is rarely used, even by family. “6 INDICTED IN CHILD SEX RING,” screamed the ’s front page.In 1985 the couple got licensed as foster parents and began taking in and adopting children.Their first three foster kids, all from one family, were Sally, Lorraine, and Bill. John and Margie would usually have in their care more than ten kids and sometimes as many as sixteen.

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The shows were videotaped, and in order to break down the kids’ inhibitions, they were drugged with Vicodin.

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  1. I'm not exactly sure what the lyrics mean, but I love how gentle and cautious it is, especially at the beginning. But this is why Rowell is so talented--from the same basic ingredients she can create something new and special.