Allison iraheta and adam lambert dating

Smitchie & Naitlyn Elliot and Olivia are both promoted but Elliot has to go to another precinct.

Olivia finds out two weeks later that she is pregnant. Will she ever forgive him for not telling her that he was leaving?

Smitchie Naitlyn Javannah Right now, I'm Michelle Torres, class A nerd. All three of me are spending the summer at one certain music camp. Elliot and Olivia had been trying for years to get pregnant before their prayers were finally answered. Caitlyn & Nate are lasting and Jason & Savannah are expecting.

In an hour, I'll be Mitchie, popular, well known kid. Now as they begin to face complications in the pregnancy, they cannot help but wonder if they can handle the challenges of raising a disabled child. Miley and Oliver are getting married, what bumps will happen along the way? Will the pressure of living two lives cause Miley to reveal her secret? Smitchie Naitlyn Javannah What if Carly's bad boy didn't collect Pee-Wee Babies and they continued dating?

Welcome, celebrity gossip and news readers, to The Hollywood Gossip's Caption Contest - the 81st edition of our weekly, Friday afternoon tradition!Music fans are in for a three-week treat, beginning on November 17. A week later, Adam Lambert does the same; and fellow American Idol finalist Allison Iraheta completes the trifecta on December 1 with her debut album.While Kris Allen and Adam Lambert share the month of November (their debuts albums will be released on November 17 and 24, respectively), Allison Iraheta has December all to herself.Things are really good right now.”While Andrew Garcia, Lilly Scott and other early favorites battle it out on American Idol, a trio of season eight finalists took to the stage Friday night and reminded this group how far they still have to go.Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta all took part in Ryan Seacrest's "Rock My Town" show at Manhattan's Highline Ballroom.

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