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Unfortunately the reality is far for more complicated and the Amsterdam’s most notorious district remains a predictably thorny public issue continuously up for discussion.Most alarming are the serious concerns around human trafficking which have most recently come to the fore.You will usually be treated to a ‘live show’ of some kind and receive a handful of free drinks.The general consensus is that whilst the atmosphere in such establishments is undoubtedly sexual, it is far from being at all sexy and frankly something of a rip off.The women who work here are self-employed and therefore pay tax as with any other employment situation.By allowing their role in business and society to be officially recognised the government hoped the women would be able to take control of their own lives, ultimately eradicating pimps.Their role is to inform and educate visitors to the city about the reality of Holland’s sex industry and dispel some of the popular myths that surround it. The apparently cheeky charm of it all ties in perfectly with the mischievous and often raucous antics of such celebratory prenuptial events.

Since the women are working perfectly within the remits of the law they are therefore also protected by it.

Approximately 300 little cabins are dotted throughout this infamous neighbourhood.

Each one is illuminated outside with a red neon light and visitors, tourists, locals and regulars file past nearly 24 hours a day.

For Amsterdammers it is simply a fact of life, something that has existed for centuries and rarely causes even a raised eyebrow.

Indeed it is almost expected that all visitors will at least once stumble across this notorious red neon neighbourhood in the very centre of the city.

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