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While I commend her for encouraging black women to be more open to finding love outside of their race, the manner in which she does so is borderline appalling.She speaks about white men as if she is a hunter on safari looking for a white tiger, and she tries to rope the reader into her hunt by giving out tips and tricks for how to catch ‘em. In the United States twenty-fifty is the symbolic year in which African-Americans will make up approximately one-third of the population.

I have a strong interest in sociology and human relationships (interracial relationships in America in particular), and I came across this book while browsing at the library.For starters, I recommend “Is Marriage for White People?” by Ralph Richard Banks and “Don’t Bring Home A White Boy” by Karyn Langhorne Folan.In addition to the stylistic and grammatical errors that run rampant, the actual content of the book is so stereotypical and prejudiced – it is hard not to call the book trash.Truthfully, I don’t want to throw too much shade at Niki, but I was continually stunned by how ignorant the author sounds.

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Typically we ask how groups dissimilar in ethnic and racial identity can work toward harmonious and mutually rewarding workplace, community and interpersonal relations.

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