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This type of embossing was engraved or "cut" into the mold at the request of the buyer ordering the specific bottle.

To a lesser degree, the base can sometimes provide other information about a bottle like its intended function.For example, the distribution ‘’ is the estimated date when the mound started to accumulate in the deep sounding.Measurements followed by a question mark and shaded in grey have been excluded from the model for reasons explained in the text, and are simple calibrated dates (Stuiver and Reimer 1993).On machine-made bottles additional markings can be the product of the automated machinery which produce the bottle, but which are not part of the mold itself.Most significant here are markings related to the feeding of the glass to the mold - a subject covered later on this page in the "Machine-made bottles" section.: The bases of many bottles have embossing or symbols that pertain to the product that the bottle was designed to contain and/or the producer or bottler of the product.

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This potential for datable features is very useful since bottles are more often than not lacking embossing - an attribute which can often enhance dating opportunities.

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