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Exchange rates fluctuate daily and are automatically updated to reflect these changes.The website or the Top Up App will state the total amount the recipient will receive before you submit the transaction.The following is a list of questions we hear the most.If you don’t find the answers you need here, please contact us at [email protected] Is Digicel Online Top Up & How Do I Use It?

If you wish to save your cards details, please tick on the 'save card' box as you complete your payment details. You may access the Top Up website (using a mobile device or your desktop) and log into your Digicel Top Up account.

Below each of these you will see a delete link, please click this link to cancel any future automated top ups.

Like Automatic Top Up, you will need to have your credit card information stored to allow charges for Fingertip top ups.

Digicel Online Top Ups are usually treated as a regular top up, so most promotional offerings apply.

We recommend that the Terms and Conditions for specific promotions are reviewed to confirm qualification from topping Online or via the Digicel Top Up App.

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