Create a slogan with hivaids prevention dating and love

The illustrative style employed in this poster is suggestive of comic book art, a very non-threatening form of communication used as information. The four leaves in the child's hand symbolize 'nature'-the hope of a future-that it is not lost, if adequate precautions are taken to safeguard the child. The message subverts the traditional approach of a male dominated sexual encounter by giving their female partners an equal and perhaps more responsible role in determining the eventual consequences of having safe sex as opposed to unprotected sex. The principle image, a dark silhouette of a young child with hollowed out eyes suggesting 'death', is in sharp contrast to the abundance of colors and hues that render the background to represent 'life'.

A selection of approximately 153 posters will provide an overview of the diverse visual strategies employed by many different countries working within their own distinctive cultural / social perspective in response to the subject of AIDS as a public health emergency. The image correlates masculinity and responsible sexual behavior by challenging the appeal of promiscuity and suggests that safe sex is not a reason to feel embarrassed or disgraced. This image also indicates the importance of protecting unborn children from AIDS. The poster depicts an illustrative image of five happy Elephants 'trumpeting' their support of using condoms to eradicate AIDS by wearing them on their trunks. The subject matter and title is extremely relevant to the target audience, in this instance the families in rural parts of the country, as most men tend to earn their living by going to the cities, and usually remain in the city for fairly long periods of time. Away from their families due to lack of funds and paid vacations, these men turn to sex workers, and are likely to be infected by them. Printing sponsored by East-West Committee, London for NGO-AIDS cell, Centre for Community Medicine, AIIMS, New Delphi. The image reshapes the simple spring mechanism into a 'heart shape' and leaving one of the pins unfastened, and therefore potentially unsafe. This web exhibition accompanies a coming exhibition in the Stephen B. The photograph was included in LIFE magazine in November 1990, and went on to win the 1991 World Press Photo Award. The poster targets young African male and female adults in its depiction of a healthy young couple thinking about using a condom. The paper boat is a metaphor for the fragility of children in imminent danger, while the water explosives suggest the urgency essential to protect innocent children against the menace of AIDS. Paine Gallery at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, from September 13 December 4, 2010 . Tibor Kalman, working with Oliviero Toscani, was preparing a consciousness-raising campaign associated with Benetton products and culture. The effect is further enhanced by the text emphasizing the significance of using a condom. The image accentuates the vulnerability and perils of being a child amidst the danger that HIV/AIDS can cause for themselves and their families. There is a complete absence of any symbolic or decorative element within the poster, even the use of color is kept to a minimum, so as to not distract the viewer from the central and direct/verbal message being conveyed by the poster. The Sphinx-like creature plays the role of a 'Temptress' enticing those native enough to sample her charms. See a qualified medical person for tests if you think you or someone you know may have AIDS.' The poster depicts images of everyday people surrounded by an explanatory text that questions the viewer's preconceived notion on AIDS and the rumors and misconceptions that surround it. The key elements in this composition include the use of syringes and needles to render the over sized wings, the contemptuously protruding breasts pointed toward the viewer and referencing the abundant supply of drugs and sex within contemporary Russian society.

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