Cross cultural dating

Some are into the “pure blood” grandchildren idea, while others feel the cultures are just too different for a successful marriage.I know in Taiwan, many women there have complained about marrying the firstborn son and being poorly treated by their in-laws, since that son is supposed to take care of his parents.However, when I was living in mainland China and Taiwan, I had a chance to observe, ask questions and learn more from others involved in cross cultural relationships.I am hoping this is more of a “reader contribution” forum rather than just one man’s opinion, so feel free to chime in with your own experiences and observations.She has a huge English vocabulary and is easy to understand, but for me her accent is charming and I could not imagine her without it. Many times couples will have problems with either set of parents not approving of the relationship.

Click on the green link for the Adobe Acrobat file.As a spouse, you are expected to know Chinese mores and folkways and will embarrass your spouse if you do not. The fact that you are from another culture gives you some leeway when it comes to certain subjects.But it’s still best to just plunge in and not worry too much about how you’d look to your friends back home. Just because its “wrong” to you doesn’t mean it’s wrong in that culture.Dating begins after college and most importantly, they didn’t believe in casual dating.What I mean by that is that they expected to be friends first until they knew each other well, then the man would ask the woman to be his girlfriend and if she accepted, they were not only dating but seriously dating.

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