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When the Hotep nation isn’t being misogynistic or queerphobic, it’s being plain illogical.

It’s not that we should overlook these things, because they are detrimental to our progress as women and as a people, but we should understand that societal change takes time. To facilitate this: save all of your favorite articles, books and share them. If you are going to date interracially, make sure the relationship is built on mutual love and respect not fetishization.

Black men are struggling to keep up with the major gains we have made not only in the educational and professional sphere, but also in terms of our own growth and development.

They also have very few experiences with patriarchy/sexism and tend to minimize our struggles. Your date’s strengths may shine in these novel spaces. Avoid having sharp objects in your hands during difficult discussions. Some of the things dude’s say will drive you almost to insanity.

Instead of just meeting a dude for a drink or for coffee (where conversations can perhaps take the wrong turn), try to do something fun, new or exciting. It was as if I was some mold of a woman, a “preference” and not a thinking, autonomous human being with my own experiences and opinions.

Beware that this is, sadly, much more pervasive than one would like to imagine.

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So, I set out some time and watched the first of the trilogy.

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