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Many are skeptical about data in the dating industry, and stress that it’s data quality that matters most.

Christian Rudder, one founder of OKCupid, explains that one of the biggest hurdles faced in the industry isn’t just finding the algorithm, but finding the right data.

Determining something as abstract as “romance” (or even “love”) with data is not easy.

Some of the other top romantic interests listed on profile included: Given the fact many of us would never list these things on a profile begs the question whether Plenty Of Fish found the most romantic states, or simply the cheesiest.

“My intuition is that most of what users enter is true, but people do misunderstand themselves,” he says.

Amy Webb’s TEDTalk, titled “How I Hacked Online Dating,” has almost 4.5 million views.

They consider which cities will have the best matches for them, or what line of work will get them the most attention.

Plenty of Fish did their own data study and found Portland to be the “most romantic city in the US.” While Michigan was found to have the most romantic singles, Louisiana came in last. “The most romantic places were determined by the percentage of singles within that region who list interests like ‘romance’, ‘long walks on the beach’, ‘cuddling by the fire’, (and thousands of other romantic phrases) on their Plenty Of Fish profiles.” Now, the problem with data in online dating has already presented itself.

The real million dollar question is: can you leverage all those numbers and data points to help yourself?

If you’re single, you may have already considered online dating.

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Algorithms can also decide how attractive your profile is by comparing it to similar users and their popularity—which does sound a little scary.

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