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She got her career start at age seven, when Dannii appeared with Kylie in the Australian soap "The Sullivans." She subsequently became a regular on Young Talent Time, one of the highest-rating series in Australian TV history, and had her own fan club by the age of 12. After her marriage ended, she left home for London where she worked hard for a few years trying to make it into the big time.

She became engaged to racing driver Jacques Villeneuve in 1999 but the engagement only lasted three months.

Willard Libby visited Lindau and lectured two times, first at the physics meeting in 1971 and then at the chemistry meeting 1974.

This means that when living matter absorbs carbon dioxide, CO2, a certain fraction is radioactive.

But, as explained by Libby in his talk, it is not really that easy!

One problem is that the amount of cosmic radiation may have changed over time so that sometimes the living matter received a higher or a lower fraction of carbon-14.

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"Love and the Fur Coat": A guy who's married also has a girlfriend who claims that he promised to get her a fur coat, so he scurries to get one.

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Signals from radioactive decay can then, e.g., show the path taken by the stable element through the human body.

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