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He also noted that the 4 horsepower was the smallest of the older engines made by Fairbanks-Morse.

I noticed that the exhibitor's card on each engine included many family names.

I have also included a few pages that might be of interest to lovers of old iron, such as some serial number lists, and clubs and museum pages. You can simply scroll down and browse through the list, very slow, or you can use the 'find' feature in your browser.

Many of these pages are owned by members of the 'stationary engine list', an email list of old iron lovers.

If you have a "mystery" ignitor type engine, Ted's page is a great place to start.

Just go to his page at: " This page is intended to be used as a resource for locating images of stationary engines on the internet.

On display was a 10 HP 4 S, running at 1200 rpm; a 20 HP 4 AE, also at 1200 rpm; 20 HP 4 S, 1200 rpm; and a 30 HP 4 S, also at 1200 rpm.

The family also showed a 5 HP Fairbanks-Morse Model 45, a 1920 10 HP Fairbanks-Morse Model Y diesel, and a 1946 4 HP Witte diesel electric plant.

KEVIN BEITZ Sta Rite, Economy SCOTT BENIER Villiers Midget, Villiers Mark 12, Villiers Mark 10, Ronaldson Tippet Type 'N', Briggs and Stratton Generator OWEN BOSMA 3 1/2 HP Goold Shapley and Muir, 2 1/2 HP Goold Shapley and Muir, 2 1/2 HP Goold Shapley and Muir, (square hopper), 1 1/2 HP Goold Shapley and Muir, LESTER BOWMAN Great writeup on Samson engines. JOHN BRANTINGHAM 3HP Emerson-Brantingham 'EV', 1 1/2 HP Emerson-Brantingham 'H', 2 1/2 HP Emerson-Brantingham 'U'.I bet there are some men who might try this creative ploy, but not too successfully.Ken assured me that Marcella was excited about her present, which was the first of many diesel engines.Ken's business card is unique to his interest in engines.On the back was the listing of serial numbers for Fairbanks-Morse engines from 1911 through 1948.

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