Dating an uneducated man

Female millionaires – despite being equal to their male counterparts – have a huge block against dating a man with less money.

Where men take delight in picking up dinners and vacations for their lower-earning spouses, women become resentful that their spouses can’t carry their weight.

Under this president, they are distractions from the most important point of all, which is that we have a commander in chief with a tenuous grip on reality, kept within the bounds of sanity only by the presence of better, wiser men who could be swept out of their positions by a simple act of presidential petulance.

According to a survey of 5000 members of Millionare, 83% of divorced men would consider marriage in the next five years, while only 32% of divorced women would do the same.

Thanks to Ted for running an old column when I missed my deadline for the second time. It’s tough to get my writing done in “normal” weeks when nothing extra is planned. Interestingly, the column is possibly relevant today even than when I wrote it, given the stats now being released about the way women outnumber men on college campuses. On Sunday, Pence and his extensive entourage flew from Las Vegas to Indianapolis on Air Force Two, supposedly to attend a football game.At that football game, some NFL players took a knee during the playing of the national anthem, as everyone knew they would.“As long as there are people like that around him who are able to talk him down when he gets spun up, you know, calm him down and continue to work with him before a decision gets made, I think we’ll be fine,” according to Corker, who was trying to be reassuring but in fact was anything but.“Look, except for a few people, the vast majority of our caucus understands what we’re dealing with here,” he said.

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