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During this scene several bits of dialogue are heard from the movie (with Larry David voicing the role of a man convincing Rochelle to undress).

It is learned that Rochelle resides in Milan and is visiting relatives in Minsk.

Susan Ross notes that it contains "a lot of nudity." Rochelle, Rochelle is a movie whose only positive aspect is its nudity.

According to reactions to the movie throughout the series, the plot is completely unbearable, but is still revered because of its nudity.

The term "prognosis negative" figures prominently in the 1939 film Dark Victory, starring Bette Davis.

From what little is heard of the movie's content, the plot appears to involve an explosion in the Channel Tunnel which causes its evacuation.

Rochelle, Rochelle is a film referenced many times during the series.

It is most likely based on the 1974 erotic film Emmanuelle.

This is affirmed in "The Movie" when Elaine remarked, "Men will sit through the most boring pointless movie if there's the slightest chance a woman will take her top off." The film is first referenced in "The Movie," when George goes to see Rochelle, Rochelle instead of watching Checkmate (see below). After watching the film for only a few minutes, the trio discover each other after hearing one another's audible disgust.

Indifferent to the audience, they yell out how bad the movie is and then all three walk out.

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According to a trailer overheard in the episode, The Village Voice called the film "a masterpiece." The movie is mentioned again in "The Smelly Car," when George tries to hide from Susan the fact that he rented the movie, embarrassed to let her know that he watches movies for the nudity (though he asserts that it's not frontal, but "sidal" nudity).

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