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The Victoria and Albert Museum acquired it from a prolific 19th century British ring collector, Edmund Waterton. It features a revolving onyx scarab; on one side it is engraved with the image of a seated man. The Etruscans and Phoenicians are thought to have adopted the scarab motif from the Egyptians. Gross said that signet rings were prevalent enough in human culture that they were mentioned in the Bible, “specifically The Book of Esther, which talks about Persian King Ahasuerus’s signet ring.”“While the Bible may or may not be taken as entirely factual,” Gross continued, “the way people used and wore them traditionally is useful information that we can culturally rely on.”What are the details of the ring’s origins; what was its function?

Image courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston She said that ancient signet rings have been found primarily in the Mediterranean region, stretching as far as Nubia, or what is now Sudan.

© Victoria and Albert Museum, London Gross explained, “During the late 19th century, (signet) rings became more of a status symbol, rather than a legal mark.

The tops of the rings had decoration or engraving (and) often were gem set, or if they were metal intensive, they bore initials done in shallow-yet-decorative engraving.

I love that they connect to a person’s individuality.”Many designers noted the automatic heirloom status of a piece of jewelry that has been personalized to represent its wearer.

“My secret hope is that my customers view my designs as modern heirlooms to be passed down through generations, as so many of those seals were in the past,” said Delphine Leymarie, whose skull signet ring invokes the macabre mood of many historical designs.

“They were really used as a signature would be used today, as a way of leaving your mark and a way of assuring authenticity,” Stoehrer said.

“The cigar bands and signet rings were the very first pieces designed,” she said.

“Playing with classic jewelry norms is something I do often in my designs,” said Chemla.

“I love the history behind (signet rings) and the way that they look; however, instead of using my signet rings as a seal of identification, I’ve made them a seal of your personality.” Since 1906, National Jeweler has been the must-read news source for smart jewelry professionals--jewelry retailers, designers, buyers, manufacturers, and suppliers.

It was recovered from the debris of a plundered burial and features an engraving of two mummied figures in gold.

“You could mark a document with them, you could leave an impression in wax or clay.” This Roman ring is dated from 100 - 200 A. It’s made of gold with an onyx intaglio depicting an ant, which was the symbol of Roman goddess Ceres.

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