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Of course online dating is still work, but the emotional labor and risk of failure has been significantly reduced.Slater picks up on two unintended consequences of a low-friction dating market.Online dating markets are so low-friction that between-relationship dry periods can quickly evaporate.But while online dating minimizes the heartache periods, minimizing those periods really doesn't do us any favors—we are losing periods of reflection when we might be thinking about what we did right and wrong, how we can improve as individuals, and what we might be open to next time.My refocused hobby would never have come about in a low-friction market like e Bay—I would have never even bothered to look at the postal history section. Inefficient markets are good because they lead us to look at new things and try new things. A final thing: By reducing the cost of finding someone, online dating also makes it too easy to avoid being alone after a relationship fails.Most people don't want to be alone, but a traditional inefficient dating market made this an unavoidable reality for most people.Here is another problem that I consider to be more serious.

Within minutes my hobby and been radically transformed.Dan Slater asks whether online dating leads us to value our relationships less and whether that is a problem.I agree that it's a problem, but it isn't the only problem.First, if it is too easy to find something you just don't value it as much.If diamonds grew on dandelions no one would care about diamonds.

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