Dating service top referrers

Top lists are available for Top Datasets, Top Referrers, Top Search Terms, Top Embeds, Top Downloads and Top Applications.

Charts: The total number of charts visualizations that have been created on your site.

Downloadable Files: The total number of "non-data file" downloadable datasets that are in the catalog.

External Datasets: The total number of links to external datasets or tools that are in the catalog.

Top Applications: A listing of community-developed applications that are accessing your datasets, tracked by their app tokens.

Top Downloads: A listing of the top downloaded datasets and the number of times they have been downloaded.

Export: Clicking this will download an export file for the date range specified.

Filters: The total number of filtered views that have been created on your site.

Top Datasets: A listing of the most popular datasets on your site, listed by the number of views they have received.

Top Stories: A listing of the most popular stories on your site, for sites that have Perspectives added.

This includes both public and private filter and does not subtract deleted ones.

Maps: The total number of maps that have been created on your site.

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