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1764 JEAN JOSEPH DARTIS Price £6,950 A rare pair of antique sterling silver candlesticks with faceted columns and hexagonal stepped bases. Marked underneath with provincial French silver stamps for Jean Joseph Dartis of Montpellier. 1776 Price £650 An elegant antique sterling silver chamber stick with plain classic styling, bead borders and acanthus leaf decoration to the top of the handle. Each is stamped within the well of the base with Irish silver hallmarks for Dublin 1723. Also stamped on the edge of the capitals with the harp mark. 1737 JOHN HAMILTON OF DUBLIN (died 1751) Price £6,200 A rare pair of early Dublin cast candlesticks having octagonal bases with sunken wells and diamond faceting. The snuffer scissors, or wick trimmers, sit long ways in the stand. 1707 THOMAS FOLKINGHAM Sold A very rare early English silver snuffers and stand with an octagonal stepped base and baluster stem. The cut corner square base has the typical style of the candlesticks of this period.

Very solid and heavy cast metal with knopped and baluster vase shaped stems and square hollowed out bases with canted corners. Both scissors and stand have identical hand engraved crests of a gauntlet holding up a crown.

A spark, struck from a flint with a steel, ignited a small quantity of flammable material.

Candle flames were extinguished using a candle douter (or snuffer); either a small cone on the end of a long handle or a dual purpose scissor like tool which could both extinguish the candle flame and also cut the wick of the candle for reuse. Makers mark probably John Penfold (see photo of Jacksons page 148). These fine candlesticks stand on square canted corner bases with reed columns and multiple gadroon borders. To the front of the base there is a hand engraved coat of arms with a decorative cartouche.

George II style with shaped baluster columns and circular hollowed bases.

Circa 1750 Price £1,450 A heavy quality pair of antique cast silver candlesticks.

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Marked underneath the base with clear English silver hallmarks for London 1714. Circa 1720 Price £450 A lovely little antique silver toy chamberstick with the long handle typical of the period.

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