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S.-specific information on legal documents, finances, health insurance, education and childcare, and many other things you will need to know to protect your rights and maximize assistance in caring for your grandkids.Generations United is a nonprofit organization focused on helping families of multiple generations. Now that doesn't mean you are necessarily going to parent all that differently. The Wellness If you find yourself "older" and raising children (most likely your grandchildren) all over again, it is time to get new glasses. It means you are going to need a completely new perspective when it comes to parenting your grandchildren than when you were parenting your own children.Things like "we were married after two months" to "he wouldn't take no for an answer" might seem sweet when it's your grandparents, but if it were you today, you'd probably call the police.

Even if the children have Medicaid, it may not pay for the braces your teen needs. Your teen grandchild either lives with crooked teeth or you dip into whatever savings you have or should have.

When your children were sick, you simply took them to the doctor.

You probably never had to prove you had legal rights to take your own children to the doctor or put them in school.

If you are a woman, you likely were your child's only mom. Maybe they see her regularly or maybe they don't. No matter their experiences with their "real mom," you are going to be compared as they get older. 2) You get to deal with legal issues you likely never had to deal with before.

Your 401K might be spent on lawyers to perhaps get custody away from the state or even your own child (a horrible thought).

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Most of us simply don't have the energy at 50 or 60 that we had at 30.

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