Dating the iceman worksheet

” “ What occupation might these people have?

”, “ What do you see in addition to the skeletons? I use a second projector to introduce the content outline (Figure 1), which is uncovered in stages as more information is presented for students to examine.

I pass around several artifacts—a copy of the Rosetta Stone, a Japanese ceremonial bondon, an African Runga, and some arrow or spear heads—for students to view, hypothesize about, and list in terms of their common characteristics.

(There is also a form of concept attainment in which both positive and negative examples are used.) The Interactive Presentation continues with the projection of new images, the further uncovering of the content outline, and student observation and discussion.

Each group receives a folder containing five information sheets.

One shows the body of the Iceman and reports some findings about his physical remains (Figure 2).

Magazine Design - I created a short magazine totally based on Tattoos.

I ask students “ What do you think is happening here?

Lesson 1: Interactive Presentation on “ The Time Before History” (two or three days) The first lesson in the unit on prehistory uses what I call an Interactive Presentation strategy.

In this strategy, which forms the backbone of most of my units, the teacher presents a content outline with key concepts as a guideline for learning.

Discrepant Event Inquiry: “ I learned more about early history from this person than from anyone else, although this person never knew the meaning of the word history.” This seemingly paradoxical statement serves as the discrepant event that prompts the class to begin seeking solutions to a historical problem.

Working in pairs or small groups, students prepare “yes-no”questions about the mystery person for the teacher to answer. ” As the questioning proceeds, we stop several times for students to discuss their ideas, form hypotheses, and develop further questions.

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