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But a growing number of younger Japanese citizens are depending on their retired parents for financial support. 12, police arrested a 56-year-old unemployed man in central Mie prefecture on suspicion that he starved his mother to death two years ago and has been living on her pension ever since."People are living with their parents because they can't afford to live alone."With an uncertain future ahead of them, people don't have the confidence to get married," says Toru Suzuki, a senior researcher at Japan's National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, echoing a common sentiment. marriage rate was 7.1 per thousand that year.) Almost half of Japanese men and one-third of women in their early 30s were still single as of 2005.Japan's marriage rate has fallen from more than 10 marriages per thousand people in the 1970s to 5.8 per thousand in 2008, according to Japanese government data. The number of people who never marry, defined in Japan as those who are not married by age 50, is also on the rise.Other developed countries that are struggling to create jobs, like the United States, should take note.The relatives (usually children) of the missing Japanese centenarians located thus far have all been of retirement age, people old enough to be getting their own social security checks.In Japan, where out-of-wedlock births are relatively rare, scholars argue that the collective failure to launch further depresses Japan's declining birth rate and prolongs the country's economic stagnation.Demographers argue that Japan may have fallen into what is known as a "low fertility trap," in which a long period of extremely low birth rates essentially makes a society unable to pick itself up again and produce more babies.

Rural areas have it even harder: In northern Iwate prefecture, almost one in five men never finds a wife.

Among the others: a declining marriage rate, an increase in adults living with their parents, and a birth rate so low that many demographers fear it may never recover.

These shifts have created a negative, self-perpetuating spiral for the world's third-largest economy.

"I just really don't think there's any need to." Still, Japanese scholars draw a connection between the number of people living with their parents, the falling marriage rate, and the country's grim economy, which creates fewer employment opportunities every year.

The number of job openings in Japan has fallen for the last three years running and collapsed by 23 percent last year alone, according to the Japan Institute for Labor Policy and Training.

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