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But it’s very hard to filter the feelings you have inside if you can’t use words. So I want to invite people to come and explore their other senses in a fun and relaxed environment, creating a chance to make new friends or a deeper connection with someone.”At least, if you cannot find your perfect match there, you will certainly experience a very unique evening. It could be a cultural thing, but to me it seems like people are even scared to commit to a date – they would rather say ‘let’s just hangout’, taking away the romantic attachment.And this an opinion shared by many of my smart and attractive single friends.” Tongue Tied is a monthly or tri-monthly event, for not only boys to meets girls, but also for girls to meet girls and boys boys. Tongue Tied, Berlin’s premier “Silent Date Night”On April 16th at Rag And Bone Man Briesestrasse 9 12053 Berlin Illustration by Yota Okuyama Art lover, fashion addict and never ending student, currently living in Berlin and writing about fashion and lifestyle.For those interested in meeting people in a different way, contact Maggie at: . Formerly Sarah has worked for In Style Brazil and now seeks new ways to be in style, matching perfectly to Berlin’s edgy, underground fashion scene.I mean, what makes it so difficult to date in this city?Asking herself this same question, Maggie from vintage boutique Rag and Bone Man decided to act by creating Tongue Tied.From vintage shops to brand new designers, the plan is to always bring what is going on in this creative city.Racing Trend Service - Motorsport Management RTS, R-T-S, Speed-Club, Drifttraining, Langstreckenpokal, Nordschleife, Nürburgring, RTS, R-T-S, Racing-Trend-Service, Drifttraining, Driften, Sicherheitstraining, Rennfahrerschule, Rennlizenz, International AScrum, Kanban und Critical Chain die agile Softwareentwicklung von Morgen.

I turned to my smartphone as soon as I arrived in Berlin, to make sure I wouldn’t lose too much time out of the game.

Berlin is in need of some real-life contact dating.

Online is taking over and I want to put the human feeling back into dating.

To give you an idea – I got dumped by this one guy I wasn’t even dating, by receiving a Whatsapp message at 7am on a Monday, as I lay in bed with a boy I’d met at Berghain.

We’d been to Kit Kat Club the Saturday before, and, after telling me we were absolutely going home together and convincing me to leave some of my clothes at his place, he got off his face on ecstasy and suddenly decided he wanted nothing more to do with me.

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