Describe the limitations of obsidian hydration dating

The shape, size, and superficial characteristics of artifacts, features, structure, sites, etc., provided by measurements (including weight) that permit comparative statistical analysis of attributes and frequencies.

SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: morphological type; morphology CATEGORY: typology DEFINITION: A descriptive and abstract grouping of individual artifacts whose focus is on overall similarity rather than specific form or function.

The relationships between similar types can sometimes be shown not merely to classify, but also to explain, their development -- which is called seriation.

It may show increasing complexity or functional improvement, simplification and functional decline, or change based on fashion.

Karlgren's consisted of making a chronological classification of the bronzes based on their inscriptions and used their typology as a secondary procedure.

It has since been refined by dendrochronology, but it still provides the framework.

In this work he attempts to demonstrate according to Communist doctrine the "slave society" nature of ancient China.

His research work on bronzes from the Chou period carried out at the same time as B.

Many new techniques are being developed and tested.

CATEGORY: term DEFINITION: A theory of biology about the gradual or rapid change of the form of living organisms throughout time that reflects adaptive change; it is the theory that all forms of life derive from a process of change via , whose The Origin of Species" appeared in 1859.

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