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So when it came to actually meeting some of these guys in person, I was more apt to avoid than move forward.

For me, writing as a form of expression has always been a better way because I could take my time with my thoughts.

I'm looking for a woman who has open mind, not empty head, honest, self-confident, with own opinion, with closed past, with plans for future, but ...

Buddhist I’m looking for a serious relationship; I’ve been single too long and want someone to share my life with.

Others have describe me as odd, geeky, eccentric, quirky and smarter than I look. Buddhist So here we go on the journey of internet dating. The excitement express is waiting for you in the station tooting it’s eager horn and steaming furiously at the thought of a fun adventure.

The only thing missing is a lady driver with a firm hand and fearless heart to guide the express ...

Buddhist Social misfit seeks other for awkward silences, stilted conversation and lots of shoe staring, if this is you then please get in touch.

I was pretty sure, but since I only had the free version of the dating app I only had one picture of him—I had found after stalking him a little on Google. He told me about the strained relationship he had with his ex and asked me about being vegan. He was cute, in good shape, seemed intelligent and had a sustainable career. She has been writing stories since she could put words into sentences, and is completely in love with language of all kinds.The need to connect with people on a deeper level has always been something she strives for and finds fulfilling.Whether it be through massage, writing, interpreting or just chatting with a good friend, shefinds bits of enlightenment in those connections.Worst people give you a lesson, and the best people give you memories, have hope and keep smiling" Update: I am only here looking for free minded people to connect with ... Buddhist Hi everyone, intelligent, funny, with good heart, self-confident and modest. No, it's not me, but I'm trying :) Rather listener than talker.

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Not to mention, I am a busy working mom and I don’t really have a lot of time to sit on the phone.

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