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The argument of the Archaeologist has been that man has indeed been around for hundreds of thousands of years and so Genesis is nonsense.The argument of the fundamental Christian has been that Genesis is true word for word and that human archaeology must therefore be nonsense.These modern dogs cannot possibly have evolved by random mutations away from the wolf in a mere 12,000 years.On the contrary, It is a known fact that they were selectively bred by man from the gene pool of the wolf.Neanderthal and modern man coexisted for a long time. The correlation with the Monrose Hypothesis is astounding - see [234].If truly all Dogs descend from the wild wolf, as is currently believed then the gene pool of the wolf is unbelievably large, encompassing the Bull Terrier, the Chihuahua, the Poodle, the Great Dane, the Rottweiler and the Beagle.

And the sister of Tubal-cain was Naamah (Genesis 4).

This is precisely the distinction that we have just made above.

Namely, 'man' is generic, made by a plurality of Gods, and made in the image of a plurality of Gods, 'our image', whereas Adam, is unique, made by God himself and made in the image of the one and only God, Jehovah.

In Canaan, the modern day Israel and Palestine, the copper industry began to be developed from 4300 to 3300 (Genesis - Feyerick).

It would have started with cold working of copper nuggets, then progressed to hot working, then smelting, then casting.

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