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The classic, “Would you like to go for a drink sometime? Yes, you can consume alcohol in Dubai, and a post-work drink is a perfectly acceptable first date.

However, it will be in a sterile hotel bar and it will cost you a fortune.

Thankfully, there are loads of 'second' and 'third years' more than happy to show you around. ” is the standard question when meeting a fellow expat. Occasionally, you’ll meet someone who says, “I grew up here”, and you’ll feel a bit like a gatecrasher.

Everything is new and exciting, and you’ll meet other ‘freshers’ just as wide-eyed as you.

Pick Sophie up in a car and it will show that you are independent.

It will also take taxis out of the equation - no one likes waiting for a cab in the blistering heat Getting-to-know-you chat in Dubai is often fascinating because you are meeting women from all over the world.

You can chance a cheeky snog in a lift, but you run the risk of the doors opening before your floor, exposing your misdemeanour.

Even the back of a taxi is dodgy ground for kissing.

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Either way, matters of the heart can always change the best-laid plans. Once you have picked up the bill – only the most emancipated woman insist on paying their share in Dubai – you may suggest going elsewhere for a drink.

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