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"This scene is definitely the most daring I've done for a movie."Although he is in a stable relationship with pan-Asian actress Tiffany Hsu, 30, Juan did not tell her about the love scene before filming it.

The Golden Horse award-winning actor said: "I did not see the need to let her know, but I was worried when she told me that she wanted to watch the movie."He added with a laugh: "Thankfully, she said she was more focused on the cinematography rather than my bed scene."Still, he would prefer that Hsu did not take on similar risque roles, even if she was offered one."I would feel uncomfortable seeing her act in a bed scene, but if she really wants to take on the role, I will support her. He drew laughter from the media when he added: "I'll definitely watch the film.

To prepare for the love scene with Wan, Juan wrapped his private parts with a few socks.

PROTECTION"I had to have some form of protection to respect the actress," he said.

At least a breakup, however bad, means less problems down the road and more opportunity to find a better fit significant other.

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We were filming the movie for more than two months, and the director did not allow our girlfriends to visit us on the island."Of course, I had the desire and physical urge when I saw a woman."Paradise In Service, helmed by celebrated Taiwanese director Doze Niu, tells the story of women in a Taiwanese army brothel formed in the late 1960s catering to soldiers serving in the military.

Juan plays a rookie soldier who works in the brothel and develops a close friendship with one of the prostitutes (Wan).

When asked about it, a slightly defensive Juan said that he revealed this to Taiwanese reporters only because they would not stop bugging him about it.

He said the media would not be invited to his wedding as it is a "private and personal matter", and that it "would feel weird with strangers in attendance".

It’s been a bad last few weeks for the dating star couples in Chinese entertainment.

The next day, in the afternoon, she stepped out of his house and her clothes had changed.

The same night, she again returned to his house, and did not see her leave even past midnight.

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