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so, they host a one page site on msn that costs 8m per year, when we all know it costs 0 per year. – by bill gatesmicrosoft–forget pr, clean up the codehave you noticed that microsoft is on the offensive?after countless months of reading press clippings about the pathetic state of windows security, the folks in redmond, wash., have decided to fight back with one of their strongest weapons–public relations. but as a proponent to free speech, i still dont care what ms does with its chat line.if you want to chat there are other chat sites out there and to all you petafiles out there please die slowly of cancer you waste of flesh.thank you – by p.s.r it's microsoft, of course they are going to lie “ what does either one have to do with the topic at hand? you run either linux or macos and would never ever step a foot into msn or any other microsoft or microsoft-sponsored site.many of the chat services in those regions were unsupervised and free.though many regions of the world will be affected, microsoft will continue to offer free, unsupervised chat rooms for msn subscribers in countries such as the united states, canada, and japan.the more positive move that could be made would be to ensure all chat rooms were moderated 24/7, this can be done – aol provides it for the vast majority of its public rooms (and yes, i know, aol sucks, but….all the same….) initiatives to protect our children will probably cost someone money. it's cheaper (in so many ways) than trying to put a family back together after abuse / murder (the end result in many of these cases).

the chat services being affected are in the following areas: europe, the middle east, africa, asia, and much of latin america.“we do not foresee closing our discussion sites,” a spokesman said.t-online excludes anyone reported to have made remarks of a paedophile nature in the chatroom, the spokesman added.– by aged chatterthe billinda foundation just “gave” 8m to stop malaria in africa.but they have said that they only fund internal internet only projects.

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you would never under any circumstance use a microsoft product of any type. seems as if this is totally irrelevent to y'both.

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