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Based on anatomical and conchological characters, Cyomesus Quinn, 1981, and Okinawavohita Noda, 1980, are confirmed and/ or placed in the synonymy of Latiromitra. Harasewych also disagreed with Bouchet & Waren's (1985) synonymizing Latiromitra and Cyomesus. 1 axial ribs, 10 per whorl, subsequent whorls smooth; three ill-defined spiral cords in subsutural zone, cord at shoul- der stronger, intersection with axial ribs angular Colu- mellar folds 3. Unlike the present study where the Gompertz model fit all age classes relatively well, Theisen concluded that the von Bertalanffy growth equation fit his data better for older mussels, while the Gompertz equation was better for the younger mussels.

Henry Chaney, Secretary, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, 2559 Puesta del Sol Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105, USA. In addition, Mitra styliola Dall, 1927, from off Georgia, USA, is tentatively refened to Latiromitra. (Figures 6 A, 10) Cyomesus aratiunculus Quinn, 19, fig. Sculpture consisting of strong axial ribs, axial extension restricted to whorl periphery, 13 on penultimate whorl, fading out in last part of last whorl; raised spiral cords, with narrower interspaces, covering whole exposed height of whorls, nine on antepenultimate and penultimate whorls, 41 on last adult whorl extending onto base and canal. The protoconch is unknown, and the early teleoconch whorls are very worn. ar- atiuncula is a very distinctive species, the only one with ribs restricted to short axial extensions near whorl pe- riphery, and spiral cords covering whole whorl height. Material examined: The lectotype and paralectotypes. Distribution: Off Georgia, southeastern United States (Figure 10). Remarks: The lectotype and all paralectotypes are dead and worn young specimens that bear a general resem- blance to species such as L. However, the lack of pre- served material and even adult shells does not allow us to draw firm conclusions, and we do not exclude the pos- sibility that the species actually belongs to the family Costellariidae as suggested by Kaicher (1974). The percentage of new shell growth per month in- creases greatly in May, and maximum growth rates, ap- parent as the steepest portions of the lines in the plots of % new shell growth, occur from June to August. The Veliger is open to original papers pertaining to any problem connected with mo Uusks. Outer lip thin, straight, regularly con- vex, inner lip with a thin opaque callus over parietal area. Columella with three strong plaits, adapical one stronger Color light brown-beige, polished, periostracum transparent. Dimensions of holotype (the largest specimen known): shell height 25.1 mm, last teleoconch whorl height 14.6 mm, aperture height 10.0 mm, siphonal canal height 2.4 mm, shell diameter 8.7 mm. Color light chocolate brown, lighter on apical whorls, protoconch light brown. Color of protoconch and early whorls white, gradually darkening to light creamy beige toward adult whorls, periostracum transparent. It differs by the combination of broad outline (height/diameter 2.6-2.8 vs. The embryo differentiates directly into the juvenile body without displaying any larval or embryonic specializations other than the head vesicle and embryonic kidneys. adunca agree with the few observations of C adim- ca by Conklin (1897), who focused on the early devel- opment of C. The number of embryos per capsule is independent of developmental stage. Manuscripts are considered on the understanding that their contents have not appeared, or will not appear, elsewhere in substantially the same or abbreviated form. Remarks: The better preserved protoconch of a paratype has 3.2 whorls (Figure 7C), but the initial part (probably only the nucleus of protoconch I) is missing. Dimensions: height 33.3 mm, diameter 10.5 mm, last whorl height 20.0 mm, aperture height 11. Remarks: The largest paratype reaches 59.5 X 18 mm (last whorl height 37.3 mm, aperture height 19.2 mm, siphonal canal height 8.0 mm). Dimensions: height 41.2 mm, aperture height 21.0 mm, diameter 14.7 mm. 3.18-3.6), high aperture, and numerous, closely set axial ribs on early teleoconch whorls. (Figures 7D, E, 12) Benthovoluta delicatula Shikama, 19, pi. Embryos hatch without assistance from their mother at shell lengths of 1 .5-2.7 mm. Very short papers, generally not over 750 words, will be published in a "Notes, Infor- mation & News" column; in this column will also appear notices of meetings and other items of interest to our members and subscribers. 18-24 on last adult whorl), stronger columel- Page 14 The Veliger, Vol. 1 Figure 7 Latiromitra paiciorum Bouchet & Kantor, sp. Latiromitra cacozeliana is a very distinctive species, characterized by its slender (h/d = 3.2-3.3), solid, choc- olate brown shell, large adult size, and rather long si- phonal canal. Protoconch paucispiral, with large initial nucleus, indi- cating non-planktotrophic larval development, diameter 950 |xm, protoconch/teleoconch boundary sharp. Convergence, the ability of the maximization algorithm to calculate the parameter es- timates, is useful to assess the fit of nonlinear models. Editor-in-Chief Barry Roth, 745 Cole Street, San Francisco, CA 94117, USA e-mail: [email protected] 1 .Production Editor Leslie Roth, San Francisco Board of Directors Michael G. The morphology of the protoconch, which indicates non-planktotrophic lecithotrophic larval devel- opment, probably with short dispersal stage, also differs from that of its congeners. (Figures 4A-C, 8A-E, 12) Type material: Holotype and three paratypes in MNHN. RA' Vauban, chalutage 22, 12°27'S, 48°10'E, 700-680 m, three Iv (paratypes).— Chalutage 118, 12°49'S, 48°27'E, 925-975 m, Idd (holotype). First three teleoconch whorls convex, subsequent whorls rather flat-sided, suture impressed, slightly channelled. For models that fit data well, a program will require fewer iterations to determine parameter estimates with only small changes in estimated values in the final iterations.

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