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So far I have had a couple times where my time off requests for appointments (submitted well before the normal 2 week advanced notice deadline) were not approved, and I was scheduled to work that day anyways.

Luckily it's always worked out that I find someone to cover my shift, but I am sacrificing hours of pay as I can not always find another shift to pick up on one of my other days off for that week.

The presenter, Cynthia Thomas Calvert of Workforce 21C, will provide practical tips for managing pregnant workers and reducing exposure to lawsuits.

California’s broadened workplace protections don’t provide an undue-hardship exception.“Employers might say, ‘It’s going to cost us too much money to do this accommodation,’ or ‘That’s too hard, and we just can’t do it,’ ” Schulman said.Case law arising from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) suggests that medical conditions related to pregnancy are protected, according to labor and HR experts.That means that courts are starting to recognize that morning sickness, placenta previa, a high risk of miscarriage, gestational diabetes and other pregnancy-related ailments are conditions employers must accommodate, said Jon Hyman, a partner in the labor and employment practice at Ohio-based Kohrman Jackson & Krantz PLL.My main question is, is it lawful for them to give me "points" on my record if I prove the call-out is pregnancy-related?Additionally, is it accurate that other kinds of pregnancy related call outs (morning sickness, for example) are protected under this law? Thanks for taking the time to read I'm not sure how large of a company you for, but you need to look in to getting your FMLA paperwork from HR and submitted back to them ASAP.

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