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When Lauren tells Heidi what she really thinks about Spencer, Heidi must choose between her best friend and her boyfriend.7 - WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE.Lauren realizes she can't trust her best friends after Heidi hooks Jen up with Brody.8 - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.As for Heidi, Lauren's supposed best friend, she cares more about fame and men than her friends.As entertaining as this 3-disc, 12-episode set is, this series also reveals the worst caricatures about mean girls and young women.This year, when new boys force them to make tough choices, Lauren and the girls are about to find out that not even friendships can be taken for granted.When the debut season of The Hills ended, Lauren had passed up the opportunity to work in Paris for the summer to live in a beach house with her vaguely Neanderthal-ish boyfriend Jason.They will gossip about whoever isn't around and will lie to their friends, apparently oblivious to the fact that they will be caught in their lies when the show airs on TV.And sadly, these girls fault each other--rather than their cheating men--for their tumultuous relationships.

With a year in Los Angeles under their belts in Season 2 of "The Hills," Lauren Conrad and her friends Heidi, Audrina, and Whitney learn that being young women in the big city isn't as easy as they thought.After a rocky summer with her boyfriend Jason, Lauren decides to break it off and returns to Teen Vogue to face her unhappy boss.Heidi finds herself in trouble with a guy both she and Audrina are dating.2 - WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT.Though the conceit of this Laguna Beach spin-off was to have Lauren at its core, her friends are as instrumental to the drama as she is.There's Audrina, whom roomies Lauren and Heidi ostracize for no other reason than they can.

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