Missing teeth girl dating

" sort of way, appreciating the fact that someone cared enough to pay the ortho bill and instill good hygeine.

I've never once thought "now there's a dreamy guy, too bad about the teeth though, cross him off the potential list" if that's what your thinking.

It might be shallow, but it's a visceral reaction with me - I can't imagine kissing someone with dirty or rotten teeth.

Crooked and slightly stained teeth don't bother me that much.

Having lived through that, I don't judge people based on their teeth.They can take a tooth out and I won't even know they've done it. Recently I had a veneer placed over a tooth that was a little too dark.Then the dentist usually prescribes something wonderful for pain for the first day or two. Get your teeth cleaned professionally every six months and brush after every meal -- or at least check for food particles.Being more attractive to women is just a fringe benefit.: DMy bottom teeth are also fairly out of wack, but I feel that I am passed the point of getting braces, and insurance most likely would not cover it.

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