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If Rophie pointed out embarrassing excesses of the campus feminist movement, and Manji speaks openly about the illiberalism of established Islam, Vincent’s book argues for considering men victims of their gender roles.

She asks her readers to give them a break and for once not fight out against “the Man.” Here’s why she does it.

After our date, our busy schedules only allowed for another dinner, this time with her partner of many years.

I grilled them on their dating lives, how they met, and so forth.

Vincent took on the persona of Ned, and like Barbara Ehrenreich’s working class classic Nickel and Dimed, she goes undercover into the world of the other. a bowling league, a monastery, strip clubs, etc.) – Vincent as Ned goes through the rabbit hole of male micropractices, rituals and customs invisible to women.

The characters she meets are memorable: Jim, the bowling captain who opens up to Ned and Norah alike; the closeted Catholic priests in the monastery afraid of any emotional or physical contact; Ivan, the hot-shot salesman on the prowl; Paul, the men’s movement leader, and Ned himself – a character, like Norah, reserved, serious and thoughtful.

Peppered throughout Vincent’s book are acknowledgements of the truths (or truisms) of late-20th century feminism: that women have unhealthy body image issues; that women are victims of violence and exploitation; that women are always under the gaze of men who objectify them.

She affirms these truths, but troubles them with the dilemmas of dudehood.

It turns out, she tells me, she’s writing a book about gender and dating.Tweaking the doctrinaire left on issues like abortion, affirmative action and Israel, she offered interesting and unpredictable, if sometimes short-sighted, right-of-center positions.From the Village Voice’s Richard Goldstein, she, along with Andrew Sullivan and Camille Paglia undeservedly, received the nasty title “homocon”.My first internet date was with a right-wing lesbian — evidence that for grad students, the Princeton dating scene is indeed wretched.Norah Vincent, my date, used to write wickedly combative columns for the LA Times and the Village Voice.

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