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For sure their similarity in appearance with Russians are obviously great.It is true that long history roots go back many centuries ago where vikings were the one nation with Russian, German, Swedish and many other nationalities.Just imagine that your beloved live in a beautiful country with high developed economy, with wonderful climate, with beautiful environment and moreover he loves you and waiting for your marriage.Until your marriage you can easily come and visit him in Norway, it is not far away and the same you can easily get back here.So for them it is just a favourite custom and way of their lifestyle.In general Norwegian can be described as tall, confident, sporty, romantic and handsome men.

Breakfast is served on board while the Song Xanh navigates towards the market among local barges laden with fruit and vegetales. Later on, cruise towards Victoria Can Tho and disembark at the hotel’s private jetty.

You can have winter vacation in Norway and try to go in the mountains, try skiing, skating and snowboarding and after this at the end of the day spend time in a warm place with a glass of wine together with your beloved.

For sure you have a lot to say then to your friends and relatives, and moreover for sure your vacation will bring you lots of positive impressions.

You can be invited by them on a dinner or lunch and what maybe a surprise for you that they are not greedy to invite you at home, it is just their tradition to invite their friends to restaurants, even not having purpose to save money, but because they just dont want to think and worry about any difficulties and preparing food at home.

Instead of this you can easily drink the same tea with cake at the restaurant, moreover where everyone is used to pay by himself.

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