Penpals and dating for kids

A man on a burro came to pick up the mail every month from her high Andean village, and we exchanged letters once every couple of months.

Not only did it give my students a chance to practice Spanish, it also gave us a glimpse of part of the world we probably won’t ever get a chance to visit.

If you would like to write to someone in the HM Forces (UK), try Diedre’s Forces Penpal Service.

So get started today: find a pen-pal and locate their location on the globe.

I personally am a little nervous about individuals who post here, because there is no background check or identify verification.Although there is some patience involved (you might wait months before getting a letter back from some remote locations), the excitement of getting a letter in the mail with their name on it is not lost in our digital age.Despite the expense, my kids have enjoyed sending little packages and homemade cards (especially at the holidays) to family members abroad, and of course they love receiving little presents even more.If their writing partner uses a digital camera, it is easy to share a lot of pictures, and perhaps their pen-pal even posts to a blog where your kids can write back in the comments section.However, in many countries internet is not as widely used as we are used to.

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