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On Saturday 22nd October 1864, Wrexham Football Club played their first ever game against the Prince of Wales Fire Brigade on the Racecourse where we still play today. Jones Newtown had to fight much harder than the margin suggests. It was advertised that the game was to be fifteen-a-side, but it turned out to be a ten-a-side game 'which resulted in an easy victory for the Fire Brigade, they winning the two first goals out of three.'"What did cause us concern was the fact that we could not find any record to matches played between 18, but we also found no record of any football being played at that time in the newspaper. Welshpool were striving for an equaliser, when just 1v0 down, fifteen minutes before the end. Jones and pushed through to Nicholls, who crashed in a terrific drive which gave Guppy, in the visiting goal, little chance of saving.

We then looked further back, and found that at the annual dinner of the Denbighshire County Cricket Club, their secretary Edward Manners purchased a football for "the great want of amusement in this town in winter time".

Cries of 'Bravo White Stars' rang out, as they made 'some capital shots for goal'. The Stars were a much lighter XI than their opponents but gave almost as good an exhibition. Two penalty kicks were awarded to the White Stars, but they were Liverpool was an unique sportsman. Frankie Griffiths, the County School inside left, who has assisted the town club, has signed professional forms for Everton, who gave a trial a fortnight ago to Ken Hamer, the County School centre forward. A two footed inside-forward, Clive like Graham Bowkett is a clerk at the County Hall, Cardiff.

Respite was given to both teams at half time 'to recruit their well-nigh spent-out strength'. He Captained Manchester City, won a cap for England v Wales in 1922, won a tennis doubles Gold Medal in the 1920 Olympics and at Wimbledon, scored 144 against M. In the late 1940's, the Officers and General Committee of Newtown F. took the decision to purchase and construct a new playing headquarters at a site to be called Latham Park.

who had won the Welsh Cup in 1879, and the newspaper reported on that celebration dinner at which it was reported: "We have got a gentleman here who can date back fifteen years as Mr Evan Morris is the vice-president (FA of Wales). Catton's book 'The Real Football' printed in 1900, was an amplification of a lecture given to the members of Notts County FC in November, 1890, and stated on page 200: "Wrexham is quite an ancient home of the game, for a club was established there in 1864."He is seen below, taking a break from his studies at Glamorgan University, where he aims to obtain a degree, to coach potential Newtown football stars in the under 13 Newtown White Stars team, and the club's academy. Newtown won because their team work was far superior. Evans had been a member of the Welsh international football team in the Old Country. But do not run away with the idea that there is no one left who can play football.

He is more - he is the president of the Wrexham Football Club. Josh regularly returns to help the youngsters, acknowledging the fact that the White Stars were originally set up by his grandfather Keith Harding, to help Josh and his friends play the game, when they were just 10 years old The family 'White Star' set is complete, as Josh's mother Nicky Morris is the chairperson of the Newtown White Stars Junior Club, and took over from her father Keith. He was a life member of the Alberta Football Association and was a member of St. Dixie Griffiths, the County School inside left, who has assisted the town club, has signed professional forms for Everton, who gave a trial a fortnight ago to Ken Hamer, the County School centre forward. Powell, in his new position of right half, gave an exemplary display, while in the forward line F. There are still enough players - and good ones too - to form more than one team capable of holding their own with other local clubs.

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