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Its seven-course "Iceland feast" () includes lamb, puffin, whale, and reindeer (with blue cheese).Reykjavik doesn't hold a monopoly on creative cuisine.The latter also serves puffin mini burgers and horse tenderloin.A contender for Reykjavik's most eccentric menu is Sushisamba, a purveyor of Icelandic, Japanese, and South American fusion food.I'm told by several restaurateurs that after the devastating economic crash in 2008, Icelanders could no longer afford to import extravagant food products, so were forced to forage their own natural resources more.

Cosmopolitan eateries abound – with Thai, Indian, Mexican, and Mediterranean restaurants dotting the world's most northerly capital – yet the city's most compelling dining venues are distinctly Nordic (though happy to blend exotic foreign flavours to their dishes)."But in recent years, the food has definitely improved.Icelanders are travelling more and more overseas and know what's out there, food-wise.Some of the old harbour walls are in our basement." Land reclamation schemes mean we're now 200 metres from Reykjavik's salty-scented waterfront, but a nautical theme prevails here, with contemporary art of Icelandic scenery decorating the walls and the all-you-can-eat "seafood buffet" (), flaunting a smorgasbord of seasonal fishy treats.Jeff waxes lyrical about the Atlantic blue mussels, which come bathed in white wine and herbs.

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"This building was once next to the sea," says the restaurant's maitre d.

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