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Also keep in mind that those sites can become quite expensive.If you are not able to spend a lot of money you should simple get a memebership on Russian Girls4u or Russian Cupid as you can message as many women as you like.

It usually takes time to use one of those sites so if you have no patience you should never visit one of them.Dont expect them to act like western women because they are completely different. Neither of who I was really interested in, but they were the ONLY two that actually used my home email, and I gave it to MANY women. They put an ad in Ukraine web sites, or newspapers. They're told to get professional photos, and videos. They're not employees, but more like 1099 contractors. So, obviously the way it's setup, the website is trying to drain you of all your money. Trying to find someone on Victoria Hearts, is trying to win big at a carnival game, or scratch off lottery.It's starting to bother me that people can give this site good reviews. Telling you that you can find the woman you love here, is like telling you, you can make a good living buying lottery tickets, or scratch off tickets at the gas station. Yes, but the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of you, are going to lose! Some of the reviewers are calling the girls "models". They're paid a commission for everyone that talks to them. There are some women there that are genuinely looking for someone, but it's few and far apart. They want you to keep sending them photos, and chatting and watching their videos. Even the girl who told me felt bad, but they've got to make money too.If you don't mind the costs, Victoria Hearts seems to be a pretty good site. but i would recommend Elena's Models, as it is real women and reasonably priced, about £80 for three months and you can message as much as you like.I have chatted with many beuatiful women on there After reading some of the other reviews Im glad i just used the complimentary credits and didnt spend any money on Victoriahearts, one poor guy ,000 'holy $#*! You do get 1 or 2 scammers but not many, and they are soon found out and kicked off the site.

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