Sansa clip updating firmware

Why can’t it just ask you all the questions up front and then do all the processes?

After Mandriva finally installed, I wasn’t that impressed, but I thought I’d at least give it a go (and I will).

So when I finally ejected the Sansa Clip and then tried to plug it into my Eee PC, it would not be recognized. fdisk -l on the Eee side also showed nothing connected.

The Sansa Clip proved popular with audio enthusiasts and programmers because of its very low cost, excellent DAC, and relatively mature Rockbox port.

or would work if I were able to get the firmware back on there, but without the firmware installed, the Sansa Clip doesn’t know when it’s connected to a computer, and I need to connect it to a computer to get the firmware installed. Mandriva, I hope you appreciate all I went through to get you installed.

The short story I erased the firmware off my Sansa Clip, and now it’s totally useless.

There are 2 the clip is no longer removable, and the player now supports folder browsing and Replay Gain support.

Transition times between tracks was reduced, but Sandisk officially declined to support gapless playback. The Clip also has added features when playing slot Music and slot Radio.

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I realized that the file I dd‘ed over was extremely small, so even though the Sansa Clip was officially 2 GB, it made my drive appear to GParted to be only a few MBs in size.

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