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This made the game more interesting by adding graphics, but was the death warrant to the source, as when that computer died, so did the specially modified source for it. Lunar Lander had several versions, later becoming a full graphical game. Many early programs were inspiration for later, more complex games.The gaming empire that became Quake started as a humble Apple computer game named "Castle Wolfenstein".The object was to hit the switch under it at just the right time, and turn the light off. Get all the lights out, and, well, you ran out of interesting things to do rapidly. It soon became known that if you bought a little extra memory, and an I/O device, and got hold of a thing called a "Basic interpreter" you could reach the next level in computerdom (and limits on your credit card). Original Basic programs from this time are hard to find now, even on the Internet.Of course, using a computer stripped of its essence like this is somewhat like buying an engine, starting it up on the garage floor and marveling at it. Now, with an ASR-33 clanking away next to the blue box, and that Basic tape, probably borrowed from a friend, you were ready to sign on. The media on which they were kept was either lost, destroyed, or more likely, simply belonged to an obsolete computer or media type that was thrown out at the end of its life.'I had £70,000 to start with, then I bought the site for £20,000 but it was completely empty,' she said.

Downstairs is a surprisingly bright snug, another bathroom and a further two bedrooms, which can be opened up to form a spacious suite.

Later they became a standard computer accessory for cheap input and output. For a budding computer hobbyist, it was the thing to have after you got your first computer. The period of time for Classic Basic, as I define it was short, from about 1976 to 1980 at the latest[1].

These units were used originally by people like Western Union to transmit telegrams.

The living roof is eco-friendly and includes a soak away system, and an air source heat pump for heating.

Annie's grand plan is to eventually be totally self-sufficient, and she's currently working to raise another £10,000 for solar panels to help power her air source heat pump.

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Annie dipped into her £70,000 savings to buy the brownfield site in Louth, and used the remaining £50,000 to build the four-bedroom, three-bathroom Raithby Hill Reservoir, which sits in the footprint of a disused reservoir.

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