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And so, they have to make the best of it always falling short of what could have been, if done God's way. Does it help prepare for adjustment in marriage, or does it prevent or make more difficult that adjustment?

The perverted moral standards today have so twisted the thinking and the behavior of the great majority of teenagers and adults, that they have no idea that decency and propriety matter greatly.

Many research studies have attempted to arrive at the final answer to the question, "Does premarital experience affect later marital happiness, and if so, how?

" It does not take much in the way of observation, and opening our eyes, to see that it does dramatically and horribly affect marital happiness later.

An illegitimate birth results in the woman becoming resentful of being a single mother without a husband, and resentment often turns to hatred and disdain for the man who looked "good" under the influence of alcohol, and maybe even looked like a good candidate for marriage. But, a child is conceived, and the possibility of a great marriage is reduced to frustration and an underlying bitterness that never goes away.

Both have forever ruined their potential for the perfect marriage. Almost everyone, today, assumes that "making out" is completely within the bounds of decency after a definite engagement. What about premarital sexual intercourse between engaged couples?

From what I understand there are dozens and dozens of them. The secularly educated and scientific world rejects all knowledge of the invisible but powerful laws of God.

It seeks answers by purely physical, experimental, and research methods.

Boys need somebody to clean up after them." Carolyn, an eight year old girl, had this to say about deciding who to marry: "My mother says to look for a man who is KIND.... I'll find somebody who's KINDA tall and handsome." Well, young girls certainly have their opinions about marriage from an early age.Again and again, they have found that those who have indulged in sex relations prior to marriage are less well-adjusted in marriage than those who married without previous experience.But scientifically they found so many complicating factors they sometimes could not arrive at a conclusion.It has been substantiated time and again that the point at which most marriages go wrong is during the courtship period that led to the marriage.In the light of the high rate of breakups and divorce, it is very clear that dating customs of this society need to be totally altered!

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