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The study concluded that intensified prevention and care interventions could significantly reduce the workers' HIV and social risks.7 Sex work is illegal in the country, with police often using their powers to intimidate, arrest and harass sex workers.

The possession of condoms is used as proof of sex work, with many sex workers reporting being arrested due to their work, or having their condoms confiscated.

However, Zimbabwean organisations that support the rights of men who have sex with men and their access to HIV services do exist, such as Gays and Lesbians Zimbabwe (GALZ).

Many are routinely punished and shutdown or have their members arrested.

5 This is concerning in an environment where condoms are being confiscated and gender inequality makes condom negotiation difficult.

This rises to almost a third (28%) among women whose first sexual experience was under the age of 15.13 13.5% of young people aged 15-24 are living with HIV.14 Only 45% of young women and 62% of young women have ever tested for HIV, prevalence among this group is likely to be significantly higher.15 Only 46% of young women and 47% of young men have comprehensive knowledge about HIV, limiting their ability to engage in safer sex.

This hampers sex workers' ability to negotiate condom use with clients, if they haven't got any condoms of their own, heightening their risk of HIV.8 Sex workers, and the organisations representing them, have minimal involvement in the Zimbabwean response to HIV.

This marginalises them and prevents them from accessing services .

Young people who do not know where to get a condom are much less likely to have had sex compared to those who do know where to get a condom.

This suggests that people in this group understand the risks involved in not using a condom.16 Relationships with large age-differences are common in sub-Saharan African countries, and 15% of young women aged 15-19 in Zimbabwe report having had sex with a man 10 years older.

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