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However, the 35-year-old specimen AMNH 9950 grew 2.89 metres (9.5 ft) tall and weighed 7.8 tonnes (7.7 long tons; 8.6 short tons), and another male grew 3.25 metres (10.7 ft) tall and weighed 11 tonnes (11 long tons; 12 short tons).

Based on the characteristics of mastodon bone sites, it can be inferred that, as in modern proboscideans, the mastodon social group consisted of adult females and young, living in bonded groups called mixed herds.

Additionally, mastodon tusks tended to be long with only a slight curve, whereas the massive Mammoth tusks assumed more of a corkscrew curve that twisted in two directions.

Thirty-eight million years ago, Mammoth and American mastodon shared a common ancestor named Paleomastodon.

However, around 24 million years ago, the mastodon family (Mammut) diverged from the family tree and evolved separately from the species that eventually lead to the Elephantidae family (from which stem mammoth and modern-day Asian and African elephants).

At first glance, it is easy to see why American mastodon are often confused with Woolly Mammoth.

Both species resembled large, fuzzy elephants with big tusks and small ears and lived in North America at some point during the Ice Age.

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Some time later, similar teeth were found in South Carolina, which, according to the slaves, looked remarkably similar to those of African elephants.

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