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Located on the southeast corner of the lake in Pike Bay this is the first resort on the lake when traveling north.Pike Bay is the river inlet to the lake and is the spawning area for many species in spring.A proposed project called the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment, or DUNE for short, at the Sanford lab in South Dakota’s Homestake gold mine is in the research and development phase, Habig said.Taking what is being learned with NOv A, they can improve for the next experiment, he explained.The first experiments were searching for proton decay — but instead of finding that, they found neutrinos behaving strangely.Now MINOS has given them a better picture of neutrinos — after researchers started the experiment with hardly any picture at all, Habig said.“In science, whenever you look more carefully and make a careful measurement, sometimes you find what you expect and measure it better and sometimes you uncover more questions,” Habig said.DUNE will involve a new beam of neutrinos being sent from Fermilab to Homestake, and researchers will be able to get better measurements in response to questions left unanswered by the neutrino experiments in Minnesota.

As they clear out the equipment from Soudan, it can be used in future experiments, Habig said.

“For example with the MINOS experiment, by measuring very carefully how these neutrinos behave, we’ve uncovered other questions that can be uncovered with the NOv A experiment, which led us to design the DUNE experiment in South Dakota in a certain way to fill in the blanks that we’re uncovering.”Online Learn more about the experiments conducted at the Soudan Underground Mine at edu.

Pike Bay Lodge is a Lake Vermilion resort open year round on beautiful Lake Vermilion.

The lab tours have been running for nearly 15 years and the lab drew about 2,500 visitors to the park last year, not counting the educational groups, Essig said. Planning for future work The beam shooting from Fermilab to Soudan is the same one being used by the experiment called Nu MI Off-Axis Electron Neutrino Appearance, or NOv A for short, located at Ash River, 30 miles southeast of International Falls.

The park has seen an uptick in school groups coming to Soudan both for the mining history and the science, he said. The neutrinos will continue to be beamed from Fermilab through Soudan to Ash River, giving Essig hope that they’ll be able to bring another physics experiment to Soudan that requires the neutrino beam.

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