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#Spy Life After her notebook was stolen and read aloud by the infamously-terrible Marion, Harriet learned the most important coming-of-age lesson of all: if you keep a diary, somebody is going to find it and brain-hoover all of your secrets.As a result, password-protected Google Docs are probably Adult Harriet’s best friends.The Journal Incident led to some pretty bad blood between Harriet, Janie and Sport.Since Harriet’s cavalier badmouthing almost ended her relationships with her best friends, it’s highly unlikely that she would engage in any tawdry gossip or smack-talking as a fully-fledged adult.A representative from the private investigator's firm also attended the meeting."This gal came in, and she said they had reached out to a national expert who said you want to hire a private investigator to have a good qualitative study, eyewitness account of what's going on," Brekhus said."They got it and frankly they were surprised by how much activity was going on."Brekhus said the private investigator described victimizations of patrons and dancers and behavior that would rise to a criminal level.Brekhus, other council members and many in the public wanted to know if any Reno strip club was causing specific negative effects in their neighborhoods.Relying on national and academic studies wasn't enough for them.

Aside from Harriet obviously being my best friend (YES IT WOULD HAPPEN), here are just a few guesses as to what she might be up to these days: Related-ish: 90s Bedrooms We All Wanted With Harriet’s proclivity for tenaciously observing and recording the behaviors of the people around her, one can only deduce that this kid was headed straight for the blogosphere and the world of writing/journalism.Brekhus said she learned of the report during a staff briefing on the proposed ordinance changes for strip clubs.To Brekhus, that information was critical for determining whether to support the proposed changes, which would require strip clubs to remove their digital signs and stop serving alcohol in coming months and ultimately force them to relocate into industrial areas within five years.The Reno City Council chamber was standing-room only Wednesday night for a debate over whether to force strip clubs out of downtown when Councilwoman Jenny Brekhus dropped a bombshell.Unbeknownst even to Reno's police chief, City Attorney Karl Hall had hired a private investigator to go undercover at each of the city's strip clubs to look for illicit behavior.

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