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Not much information exists as to which back designs were produced in which years, however I hope to collaborate more information on this so that it can be made available.

In the Playing Cards section of this site, more information is available on specific decks.

Usually decks were stamped when they were marketed as opposed to when they were manufactured.

So it is possible that the deck was produced years before the tax stamp was even applied.

Lee Asher develops original sleight of hand magic based on his lifetime experience as a magician.

This is most of what I know about dating a deck of cards.

It plays during the beginning of the dates with Papyrus, Undyne, and Alphys.

It shares a melody with Snowdin Town and Shop, among other songs.

Using the list in the Playing Card Manufacturers Article on this website, you can narrow down the years a deck was made.

If you see a deck was produced by one of these companies, you know it was produced prior to the acquisition date.

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So basically if your deck has a tax stamp on the box, it was probably made before 1965.

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